Volunteer Crew

Below are helpful volunteer links


Each Newcomer can be assigned a Mentor. Specific mentors and mentees can be requested. Competitors can mentor more than one newcomer at a time. The mentorship will last until the Newcomer points into Novice. Any competitor in Novice level or above can be a mentor. Mentors are a specific point person to help guide and support a newcomer in the competitive & event going process. If at the same event mentors should ‘dance mom’ (warm up, video, and ensure the mentee is in the right place at the right time and prepared to compete).

Competitive Crew

Below are the dates & info for upcoming crew retreats & some helpful links. Reminder that for all crew activities volunteers get a $10 discount.

About Competitive Crew:

Competitive training is once a month, generally on a Sunday, and is from 2-4 hours. Various teachers facilitate crew training and various formats are utilized, from video critiques, live critiques, workouts, cross training, and workshop style classes. Some retreats are single classroom style for all levels, and others are broken out between levels.

Crew requirements are that the dancer has competed at least once in a calendar year at a WSDC registry event, in a WSDC sanctioned contest. J&J, ProAm, Masters, Routines, and Strictlies are all eligible. If you are new and have not competed, the requirement is to be registered for an upcoming event and contest.

Level specific specialty workshops may occur outside of the regular crew schedule.

Crew retreats run from $10 – $40 depending on the format and teacher(s). OTown volunteers receive $10 off any crew retreat if they have volunteered between the last crew retreat and the current one.